Prayer network


Many Christians are worried about the way the movements presented on this website are developing, and they are praying for this situation. Undeniably, prayer is essential. We have a mighty God, alive and active.

We have a map that displays the location from which Christians are praying for this issue, so as to encourage one another and be united in a virtual prayer network. It is easy to feel as if we were going against the flow and to feel isolated; this map is here to show that we mustn’t feel that way.

(Map launched on August 5, 2016) – see below for color coding explanation

There are three categories:

  • individual (you regularly pray for this topic on your own or with your family) – in  yellow on the map;
  • “open” prayer group (you belong to a prayer group that is open to welcoming people who wish to join it, or you wish to create a group) – in green on the map;
  • prayer group (you belong to a group that regularly prays for this situation but isn’t limited to that purpose and hence does not wish to welcome additional members) – in blue on the map.

If you wish to join in and pray for this topic on a regular basis whether on your own or with a group, feel free to let us know about it via the form below. You do not have to provide your full name; your first name is enough (neither will be shared publicly). We will place a pin at the center of the city or town where you are located, without mentioning your name (see the pins already featured on the map).

If you are interested and insofar as you provide an email address, we send out an email with specific prayer topics (e.g. upcoming conference with NAR speakers) on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. You also have the opportunity to provide us with information and prayer requests in relation with your area; we will then add them to the list of prayer topics.

If you wish to join an “open” prayer group in your area, simply use the form below to tell us about it, and we will transmit your email address to the leader of your group of interest.

For many, seeing the Church that we love and have maybe been a part of for many years is a source of grief and suffering. Therefore:

Let us come together in prayer and encourage one another!